Create a QR code for any
book to easily present Web Books
at open homes or in shopfronts
More detailed analytics
for every Web
Book generated
Instant email notification whenever
a Web Book has
been opened
Optional animation that can be
turned on and off per
Web Book generated
Bulk image upload
for increased speed
of use
Search by address to
fetch property data from
your CRM
Book an Appointment and
Make an Offer
forms and buttons
An extended range of stylish,
interactive components to be added
to any template



Our range of integrations are growing! If there are specific integrations that would assist you, please let us know.

As the original digital document platform for the real estate industry, we are passionate about ensuring we provide the best features and greatest value to our Web Books community.

Web Books offers many popular integrations including:

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And more coming soon:

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