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We are regularly adding training videos and many FAQs to our Web Books members Help Desk Library to make assisting you as quick and easy as possible.

Please log on to web-books.zendesk.com/hc/en-us for access to the members Help Desk Library or lodge a ticket if you need further help.

Explore our general FAQs below.

About Web Books

What is Web Books?

Web Books is a digital communication and marketing tool that allows you to 'shrink wrap' all of your marketing content into one live, online document.

It is the most customisable digital document platform on the market, allowing you to use a range of ready-made templates or to create your own digital marketing material from scratch using a comprehensive suite of stylish components.

How much work is needed in the design process?

Your custom Web Books system is branded to you or your organisation upon purchase. Templates are professionally designed so you only need to input your content to generate high quality, stylish digital documents.

Where can I learn to make a Web Book?

Web Books users all receive the 'How to Build a Web Book' Web Book placed within their system upon receiving their login details. Furthermore, as part of your investment, you will also receive 1 hour of personal, online training with one of our Web Books experts as well as ongoing support.

Am I able to push data from my CRM to a Web Books system?

Integrated with the most popular CRMs, some of our most recent enhancements to the Web Books platform include

  • CoreLogic
  • Agentpoint
  • Agentbox
  • CoreWeb
  • EagleCRM
  • Rex
  • Inspect Real Estate
  • PropertySuite
  • Pricefinder

and many other popular CRM’s.

Our range of integrations are growing. If there are specific integrations that would assist you, please let us know.

As the original digital document platform for the real estate industry, we are passionate about ensuring we provide the best features and greatest value to our Web Books community.


How do I send Web Books to people?

Each Web Book created has an individual URL (web address). This means anybody with an internet connection can access your Web Book either publicly or via a password. You may send your live Web Book URL via e-mail or SMS, upload it to your social media page or promote it on your website.

Are Web Books mobile responsive?

Yes, the Web Books you create are completely mobile responsive. Regardless of whether you view a Web Book on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the display will automatically adjust to suit whatever device is being used.

Do Web Book links expire?

Web Books links do not expire. If you no longer require a particular Web Book, you can manually delete it.

Do I need to download any software to create and use Web Books?

No, Web Books is 100% online. All that you are required to have is a live internet connection. All your purchased templates and created Web Books are hosted on our servers within Australia meaning you can access any digital document within your system from any device, from any location.

What data is pulled from my CRM integration to Web Books?

When you select a property to push to Web Books, all relevant property information will be made available for that property.

This includes:

  • Address
  • Bed/Bath/Car/Land details
  • Map location
  • Price
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Images
  • Floorplans

These will all be automatically inserted when populating a Book with property data.

Agent Details relating to the property may also be populated automatically into the Agent Details Component.

This includes:

  • Image
  • Name
  • Contact details e.g. Phone, mobile, email.

Account Management

Can I change the branding of my Web Book?

Yes you can!

Web Books is completely customisable, for a full re-brand or for changing your colour scheme of fonts.

Please contact Web Book Support via [email protected] to organise your changes. 

How many Web Books can I build?

Our standard Web Book Version 2 plans will allow you to create up to 1000 Web Books using any of the templates in your account. 

Once you reach the limit please contact Web Book Support via [email protected] to discuss purchasing additional space for your system.

Can my sales team have their own login and secure access to Web Books?

Our standard Web Book Version 2 plans will allow you to invite up to 20 team members per account (including the Team owner account). Each team member will have their own secure login and personal listing of Web Books. The team owner may view all Web Books across the account.

How do I update my credit card details?

. First, go to Manage Accounts



2. Then, click on the Select Account Card option


3. Fill in the fields under Add a new Credit Card and click Save at the bottom of the page.

The card will be automatically selected as the account’s payment option. The payment will process on the next payment cycle which occurs every 24 hours, or you can get us to process it early by letting us know by phone or email after you have updated the details.

If you experience issues we are happy to help via a phone call or zoom meeting.

Please note that we do not store your card details in our system. We only store a card reference from the payment provider to issue payments with, plus a redacted card number. Your card details are encrypted by the payment provider before being sent to us, and then passed on to the payment provider, so only they can see the full card details. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do I invite extra users to my account?

To invite extra users:

  • Login
  • Click on “Account Teams” in the sidebar, then click on “View Members” for your current team
  • Click on the “Manage Invitations” tab
  • Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, and click “Invite to Team”

They will receive an email with an invite link which will instruct them to register. Once registered, they will be automatically connected to your account.

How do I remove a team member from my account?
How can I purchase additional Web Book templates?

A list of addon templates can be accessed for purchase under your login, using the “Manage Accounts” tab.

If you click the "+" symbol, you can view the template list when you select “Account Templates” and then click “purchase additional addon templates” .

You can view all templates we offer here!

How do I allow team members to view all Web Books in my account?

The Team Owner can use the "Grant Elevated Book Access" option in the Members list of your team to allow others to see all Books in your account:


By default, a user that is not the Team Owner can only see their own Books. If the "Grant Elevated Book Access" option is selected, this lets that particular user see every book in the account.

How can I see who has opened a Web Book?

The following points will direct you to enable the Registration facility.

  • In Edit Book's settings, go to the QR Code and Registration tab, then toggle Book Registration on.
  • Here you can select to receive notifications of Web Book registrations via email. An Instant notification email will be sent to the nominated address on every anonymous visit or will send you an email to notify you when your Web Book is visited by someone.
  • Anyone you send the Book to will need to register before seeing the Book.
  • Scanning the QR code when Book Registration is enabled, will show the registration form.


To view the results of the Web Book opens

  • On the main Web Book listing page click on the Star icon Unknown-1.png next to the Web Book concerned to view all Web book registration details.
  • By clicking on the star button for a book under the Options column of the Book Listing table, you can see the number of registrations a Book has, as well as how many anonymous visits it has had. When used in combination with Book Registrations, you can also collect the name, email address, and phone number of those who view the Book. This is particularly useful at home viewings, where a Buyer Book can be used as the brochure for the property.
How do I change my password?

Here is a short video that will walk you through how to change your user password within the platform:

How can I recover my user password?

If you forget your password, don't worry! Here is a short video which will guide you on how to reset it:

To reset the password for a given login, go to the following link and enter the email address for the login you wish to reset the password for: https://www.rea-webbooks.com.au/password/reset

An email will be sent to the address you enter with a link to reset that login’s password.

If you are still unable to access your user login, please email us at [email protected], or lodge a ticket at our Help Centre with your user name, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Editing Web Books

Once I create a Web Book is this final, or can I update it?

Web Books is completely live and customisable. Once your Web Book link goes live, you are able to update and change as you see fit. The changes you make are instantly implemented with no need to re-send the link.

What do I do if I get the error message "The slug has already been taken"?
How do I mass delete images?
How can I add a virtual tour to a Web Book?

A virtual tour can be added to a Web Book via the iFrame component.


Locate the iFrame component pictured below:


Select this component and complete all the fields.

Enter or Paste in the Virtual tour embed URL only into the field.

e.g. https://virtualtour.com/my-property-panorama




Note: if you're provided a full embed code of your virtual tour you can copy the URL from this code. Your code may look like the below. Copy only the link showing in bold below located inside the double quotation marks " ".


<iframe  src="https://cdn.diakrit.com/product/panorama/7200862" allow="fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Pictured below - A virtual tour inside Web Books.


How do I create a form?

Here is a short video that will guide you through creating a form in Web Books:

How do I add a form into a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through adding a form to a Web Book:

How can I create an image folder or album for a property?

From your dashboard page

  • On the sidebar menu on the LHS go to the Images tab
  • In the Top Right corner select Open Folder Options
  • Create a new folder by putting in Folder Name ( such as the property address)
  • Then select Upload images into folder once uploaded you can get out of that page and go back to the gallery

To insert the images into your Web Book

  • Find the Web Book you are working on and click Sections
  • From here select the Gallery Section (edit)
  • Add the image Gallery component if it is not already displaying
  • Add within this component from your image folders on offer
How do I toggle animations on or off in a Web Book?

Under a Web Book’s options, there is a toggle titled “Enable Component Animation Effects”.

Enabling this will animate each component into view as you scroll down a Web Book. This can make your content more eye-catching and appealing to a client or potential buyer.

How do I password protect a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through password protecting a Web Book:

How do I duplicate a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through duplicating a Web Book in the platform:

How do I add a Calendar to a Web Book?

Here is a short video showing how to use the Calendar component in Web Books:

How do I add an Anchor to a Web Book?

Here is a short video showing how to use the Anchor component in Web Books:

How do I add an image to a Web Book?

Here is a short video which will guide you through adding an image to a Web Book:


  • The Image component has several different layouts. Each of these layouts offers a different visual, but the two main types of layout are Standard and Full Width. Standard matches the width of the image to the width of the text content. Full Width will make the image as wide as the entire content area of the Book.


  • Forced Image Aspect Ratio refers to how the image should be cropped to display, for example, if you have a square image and you turn on the aspect ratio option, then select a 16:9 ratio, the image will be cropped to display at that size ratio by trimming the top and bottom of the image. This is useful if you have many images with different sizes and you want them to all appear the same in your Book.


Add an image via the Text Area component

This method is useful for inserting small images such as icons.

  • Add the Text Area component
  • Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon in the tool bar of the text editor.
  • Click on the Source icon to open a window with your saved images
  • Select an image


  • Once your image selected you can adjust the width and height of the image in the inputs shown below.


How do I add a video to a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through adding a video to a Web Book:

How do I add a URL link to a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through adding a URL link to a Web Book:

How do I add a file link to a Web Book?

Here is a short video that will guide you through adding a file link to a Web Book:


What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing allows for an automatic response to an incoming SMS, using Keywords to determine what the output should be. This technology allows for the delivery of information directly to your customer via their Phone, this information can include, but is not limited to: property specifications, Market Reports or a link to your Web Book.
This technology also allows for the collection of the phone numbers of interested parties, for followup.

I have heard a lot about SMS Marketing. Where does Web Books fit in with this?

On our Web Books platform you can manage both content delivery and SMS Marketing, Web Books offers built in tools for creating and managing outgoing SMS information and Keywords. Included with these tools is the ability to monitor link traffic to your Web Book from Social Media Platforms, you can also shorten your Links using our built-in URL shortening technology. 

How do I create an SMS campaign with Web Books?

Here is a short video showing how to set up an SMS campaign in Web Books:

Why are my Web Book links sometimes not clickable in SMS messages on iPhones?

Unfortunately, due to how iPhones recognise links in SMS messages, they may not always convert links to be clickable. Additionally, security settings which can be enabled on iPhones may prevent links from being tappable.

If you encounter an SMS message with unclickable links, try long-pressing on the message to select the text, and then copy it into your browser's address bar to access the linked Web Book. Remember to delete any non-link text before pasting the link into the address bar.